Eliza Ecclestone, Managing Trustee of St Clere: My first blog

I’m not somebody who naturally gushes.  I have a serious fear of sounding smug.  I am going to tentatively dip my toe into the blogosphere but will stop instantly if it turns out that it makes me smugly gush about my lovely life.

I do however have a lovely life.  I live on the most beautiful estate (St Clere) in the most desirable district (Sevenoaks) of the most fabulous county  (Kent) in the most sort after corner (South-East) of the most temperate and democratic country (England) on earth.  There’s even England’s best pub (The Chequers in Kemsing) a wander away.  I thank my lucky stars every single day.

Amidst the beauty my life whirls around. I am a bit of a control freak but it tends to whirl uncontrolled despite my best efforts.  I’m trying to mix running St Clere Estate with full time mothering, family mediating, setting up a new wedding and corporate events business on the estate, and a couple of other commitments on the side.  Sometimes it feels like my life is like one of the more comic episodes of Country House Rescue combined with Outnumbered.

So what will I blog about?  Most days of most weeks something comes across my desk or kitchen table that stops me in my tracks, that there is no clear answer to.  The dilemma of the day.  Sometimes they’re tiny (should we charge for permits to ride horses across the estate?) and sometimes they are wake-up-at-4am huge (should we open the house up for a month worth of weddings next July?).  I’ll tell you about them, and if you have any suggested answers I’m listening!

At the moment, I’ve got about 10 dilemmas simmering away which I’ll share asap, but school run comes first…..

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