Feature Films & Television Series

St Clere is the perfect setting to base longer running productions, with ample room to host your entire crew and unit.

St Clere is the centre of a local film friendly community, who can provide multiple locations and services nearby, meaning your production will be keeping unit moves down to a minimum.

Working with local suppliers means we can help your production with many arrangements to ease your workload; including setting up honey wagons in the woods for recces or organising recce lunches and dining areas so your location and production teams can concentrate on other things.

What else?

We have a strong environmental ethos and can assist your production with offsetting your carbon footprint.

The estate team provide invaluable support to art and location departments, helping with forestry, groundwork, gardening, maintenance and plant hire, laying infrastructure in hard to reach places, and most importantly have a wealth of knowledge on the local land and how to solve problems to achieve your requirements.

Great access for HGV’s, and multiple tech pad / base solutions on offer, set up by the estate team so you don’t have to.

We understand the importance of looking after the cast, so can provide comfortable and private spaces for them to use on the day.

Ample space for marquees / temporary studio set ups, and incredible outhouses and barns that can host a variety of reality shows.

Our mix of formal wooden panelled and non-formal rooms are perfect for drama and film, plus we are pretty relaxed when it comes to set dressing; you will have much more freedom to work than in many historic houses.

We encourage productions to base as much here as possible, so speak to the team about available prop stores, workshops and barns that can provide invaluable production space.

St Clere Community Locations

St Clere has partnered with a plethora of local locations and suppliers to ensure your production has everything on its doorstep…whether you need a cricket pitch, village church, country pub or cottage, we will be your one stop shop.


St Clere is much more than just an outstanding house.  Get in touch with the estate team today and book a recce to come and see what we have on offer


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