Property at St Clere

At their best, estates are a community of likeminded people who mind about the environment they live in.  We are so lucky to have beautiful properties all over the estate for residential and commercial use and many tenants who have been with us for decades. We have a constant renovation programme to keep our tenants happy and our properties at their best.  Authentic charm with practical, sustainable use is our goal: solar, biomass boilers, ground-source heating and access to our own internet mast complement the country views.


Our cottages have a picture book prettiness with gardens to match.  2-4 bed properties within the private drives of St Clere or in Heaverham village, just a short march to the Chequers pub.


We rent out a variety of larger houses on the estate.  All are carefully maintained and made fit for modern living by our in-house maintenance team.

Converted Farm Buildings

A sign of the times.  We are incredibly proud of our conversions – we insist on high quality craftsmanship prioritising original and authentic features in the heart of our estate and farm.

Lakeview Stables offices

A variety of office space in our converted stables by the lake.  With fast internet access assured from our own mast; if setting is important to your business and employees, you won’t get better than this.

Development at West Yaldham Farm

Our current adventure.  The silos are going going gone and we can’t wait to turn this eyesore into something in keeping with the rest of the estate.  We’ll keep you posted…