The Garden


The gardens of St Clere are managed by the Estate Foreman, an estate worker and two part-time  gardeners.  They have a fully equipped machinery shed with up to date machines, a far cry from the turn of the last century when the lawns at St Clere were cut with a lawn mower pulled by a pony with leather shoes on.

The gardens have undergone a few changes in the past few years such as :

Terraces:  The terrace to the south side of the house was completed in the late 1980’s. York stone for the project was taken from the paths around the gardens.

The Bear Pit (to east of main house):  The small round mound is believed to be a Prospect Mound, probably constructed in the mid 18th Century to provide a covered shelter of views over the Estate.  It was then reused by Ingo Thomas in the late 19th Century when he re-modeled this area of the garden.   After the great storm of 1987 the Bear pit was in need of renovation so in the winter of 1991/92 all the scrub and over grown vegetation was removed so that the process of replanting could begin.  The planting was designed by Martin Lane–Fox and was completed by November 1992.

The Lime Avenue (to the west side of the main house):  The great storm of 1987 destroyed the lime avenue, and in 1991 the stumps from the old avenue were removed.  The following winter the trees, as you see them now, were planted.  The large hump at the end of the lime avenue was designed to encourage the eye look up the valley.

You may have noticed as you approached the house the new planting of an avenue of walnut trees on each side of the drive.

Thank you very much for taking the time to come to St Clere.  We hope you have found this information sheet of interest.